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Our Training Programs

TRC Academy offers certificate programs in the Logistics field that are essential to a safe work environment and workplace advancement. 

TRC Academy offers certificate programs in popular medical concentrations. The certificate programs offered prepare you for employment in various medical opportunities from medical facilities to private business ownership. 

Aavailable for students and non-students of TRC Academy.

The workforce services include:

·         Career Services and Resume Assistance

·         TRC Academy Workforce Workshop

 This 3-hour interactive workshop will teach basic interviewing skills, proper ways to job search, reinventing yourself for success, how to job search with barriers, creating opportunities, and much more.



Let us help you improve your employability.

TRC Academy offers the  ACT® WorkKeys®  program that enhances essential workplace skills.



TRC Academy

TRC Academy Tabitha's House

TRC Academy was established after seeing an extreme need in the community for training services that connected the students with jobs and connected employers with trained staff.


The market is over built with institutions that hand out certificates and degrees with little to no promise of help securing employment.


TRC Academy begs to be different at connecting the gap between giving out certifications and building up the workforce.​

Tabitha's House



We envision to see a world in which women of all ages and races are able to secure safe and stable environments through education, support and empowerment.

TRC Academy Tabitha's House

Providing  Housing Solutions

Tabitha’s House goals are aimed toward helping women secure and maintain permanent housing solutions

TRC Academy Tabitha's House

Bridging the Gap

The short- and long-term goals of Tabitha’s House are to bridge the gap in services between the shelters that serve single woman populations in the Savannah area

TRC Academy Tabitha's House


By providing shelter, group therapy, life skills, job training and case management women can become empowered and secure and maintain permanent safe housing.

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